Paint disposal

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Re: Paint disposal

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jansman wrote: Thu Apr 21, 2022 3:45 pm I cleared my workshop a couple of years ago. Council wouldn’t take it. So when the council roadsweeper/ bin man came round, I had a word. For a tenner, he took it , and would say he found it dumped in a ditch. ;)
that's the perks i get for working for the council,what ever i want to get rid off i take to work and i never pay for two stroke or chain oil for my saw's or the petrol to run them,my strimmers,mowers etc,money saved there can be used to buy other preps or as the wife says "she married a pikey"...
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Re: Paint disposal

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Ara wrote: Thu Apr 21, 2022 3:24 pm My favourite method of paint disposal is to use it so, although all our walls are white, the cupboard interiors are green/blue/yellow/funny light brown colour etc etc. Some of our furniture suffered from left-over paint syndrome too. I hit upon a problem at our sons house recently when I discovered that a nearly full tub of emulsion paint had gone off and was unusable. How on earth do I get rid of that?
Getting rid of it , I'd leave the lid off and stand it in the greenhouse or draughty shed. Soon be as solid as a rock.
I agree with you about using the paint. I've just used an old tin ( probably 30-40 years old)of quite bright blue gloss to paint a gate. Still as good as new. I also had a gallon of similarly aged pea green , not the most attractive colour so I used it for the garage floor.
Doesn't always go so well though. 30 years ago I brought my first house and set to decorating it. For some reason a friend and myself found ourselves looking in the window of Next ( I think) and they were selling wallpaper at something like 14p a roll , cheaper than lining paper , so I brought some. I papered the hall and stairs with it and just to see what it was like kept it to pattern. It was a sort of brow ish base with images of cakes , fish and suchlike and after I decided it looked awful. The firm I worked for would periodically put out paint that was going to be disposed of and we could just help ourselves. I did and came back with several part tins of emulsion which I mixed together and painted it on the wallpaper. It dried to a pale pinkish brown , the same colour of the plaster before I started :oops: