Pensions info for people who were contracted out

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Re: Pensions info for people who were contracted out

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I am fully paid up with NI (my maximum was 30 years).
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Re: Pensions info for people who were contracted out

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Anyone who has or is near drawing a pension, it's worth getting independent pension advice.
The number of mistakes which are made on private, public sector and old age pensions are numerous.
£500 for an expert to go through the figures and contents any mistakes, could save you £ thousands.
In my experience, they rarely, if ever make the mistakes in your favour !
I was in public sector employment and normal employment from 15 1/2 to 58 a total of of 42 yrs. No unemployment, no benefit entitlement, yet ! I don't get a full old age pension ? Why ? Mine is about £50 less than a full one, considerably less, if I was entitled to pension credit.
I've never claimed for anything and worked my whole life.
My public sector pension, after working out was ok, then two yrs later, "oh we made a mistake, you're lump sum should've been more" no explanation on why, how they calculated it and how I could check on it ?

My mate had the same problem, no explanation, no calculation, just two figures, your lump sum and your monthly pension.

If this is you, check it, get independent advice and don't take no for an answer.