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Preppers Library

Post by GeraldTheBonzai »

Assume the internet is down and you are having to bug out at home. Might be due to power cuts, SHTF, whatever.

What reference books would you want on your book shelf? Not thinking "type of" recommendations but specific recommendations. So eg, not "a good first aid book" but "XYX by Fred Smith" etc.

For starters:

SAS Survival Guide -Collins Gem - John Wiseman
The Bush Craft - boxed set - Dave Canterbury
Knots - Collins Gem
A Barefoot Doctors Manual - English Translation
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Re: Preppers Library

Post by Ara »

I will add: Food for Free by Richard Mabey. Quite an old book but still useful today.
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Re: Preppers Library

Post by GillyBee »

Where there is no Doctor Hesperian publishing.
Grow Your Own Vegetables" by Joy Larkcom
Curing & Smoking: River Cottage Handbook No.13
Hedgerow (River Cottage Handbook, No.7
Herbal Remedies Andrew Chevalier

Most older DIY books which emphasis use of hand tools to improve skills in making and mending whether clothes or furniture.....