Self defence ideas

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Re: Self defence ideas

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Beyond the normal points to keep on mind regarding vigilance, avoiding certain areas etc.

I would advise getting a high lumen, small flashlight with a strobe button.

When in the dark, pulling out and switching on a bright flashlight and pointing it into someone's eyes can give you vital moments to turn and run. With the strobe option, it can cause mild nausea in some people, especially when it's very bright and the person's eyes are adjusted to the dark.

It's a simple, easy option that can give you time to run and also won't physically harm someone to get you in trouble.

I walk/run at night a lot and always keep my flashlight with me for this exact reason. Over and above being able to see when I need it haha.
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Re: Self defence ideas

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We don't usually discuss self defense as it's a legal minefield but a bright flashing light in your eyes isn't pleasant experience especially if your not expecting it ...

Little miss was on the recieving end of the 6d maglite with led upgrade the other morning shed snuck down stairs in the early hours to let the cat in that was meowing at the door she screamed as I lit her up from the top of the stairs as she got to about 3/4 the way up straight in the eyes pitch black momentarily stunned (and more importantly identified as friendly) pretty sure the scream was suprise and not seeing me in my boxer shorts :roll:

I'll lock this thread as I've no issue with the idea at all but the threads on defense regularly descend into a legal nightmare or someone mentioning the baseball bat under the bed etc etc

Or the south African car jacking blaster blowtorch / BBQ devices :lol:
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