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Omega wrote: Mon Oct 02, 2023 11:41 am Think this truck is not good for SHTF - if gangsters want to get you, then you well signalled they should bring something more powerful to blow you up; if there is a civil unrest, then military may either commander it from you or blow it up because they think you are the enemy, like currently happens in Ukraine where good SUVs were taken from public or get too much attention at checkpoints

The Ukrainian forces were falling over themselves to get into the UK Donated SUV/ pickups ... they realised early on that Vlad's sharp shooters were nailing the headrest of the left hand side front seat thinking they'd take the driver out stopping the vehicle.... obviously a rhd car the drivers sat at the "wrong side" so safe... apparently a scarecrow with body armour and a helmet in the passenger seat was taking the rounds not the living Ukraine crews ... e-12913612
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