Boruit V10 EDC torch

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Boruit V10 EDC torch

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Got this with the intention of giving it to the little lad to keep him off my torches :lol: but it's too blooming bright for him to play with before he blinds himself or his sister or burns the house down with it :lol:

£20 ISH on eBay / Amazon I paid £18..

It's not as robust as a metal body torch but it's seriously tiny
And lightweight quoting 2 hr run time on turbo which is a push and hold affair but the normal high mode is more than enough

There a row of mini LEDs on the side which look odd but a 16 hour run time on warm white area light isn't to be sniffed at stuck to the fridge it lights the kitchen to the point I could see to wash up or cook by in a pinch and the fridge is about 6ft from the sink / cooker the red green blue modes are bit of a gimmick but they are there suppose the red would get you home if your bike light failed etc it's bright enough

And the case glows in the dark what's not to like for a tiny lightweight rechargeable torch :lol:

Thought for the price £20 ISH it would be a bit erm poo but the novelty value / range of modes / light output isn't to be sniffed at plus it's usb c rechargeable the rubber plug takes some picking out of the usb port so I hope it actually keeps water out ...

Not my video

You get the gist

Just ordered one for my dad for Christmas he's as bad as me :lol:
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Re: Boruit V10 EDC torch

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Nice. The red mode is popular with anyone who needs a light at night without wrecking their night vision. Popular with astronomers for that reason as well as cyclists.